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Old School Workout for Arms – Train Like Arnold

Old School Intensity for Arms Intensity boosting techniques helped the legends build amazing arms and they can help you do the same now. BY ROGER LOCKRIDGE When...

Enhancing Recovery with Creatine

Enhancing recovery between workouts is a relatively common topic of discussion. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), temporarily hindered performance, and even general fatigue are...
Shoulder Pain

6 Ways to Decrease your Shoulder Pain!

Success in any sport requires many attributes. Athletes, professional or amateur, are always looking for ways to improve their performance. New training programs, great...

The Ultimate NO SQUATS Leg Workout: 3 Weeks to New Growth Without Squats

Shock your legs into new growth in 3 weeks without squats! If you ask any athletes how to get bigger legs, most will tell you...

Squats King of Leg Exercises: Maybe Not!

If you ask any athlete what the king of leg exercises is, many will say, “the squat.” For years, bodybuilders have used the squat...